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Livening Up Your Romance in 5 Simple Steps


Livening Up Your Romance in 5 Simple Steps

Every romance reaches a point when things get a little stale. You’re bored, your partner is bored and the relationship needs a boost. If you want to liven up your romance, these five steps will do it.

Break the Routine

Routine provides a sense of comfort and security but when your romance needs some livening up, you have to break the routine. Don’t go out to eat at the same place, go out more, do something a little crazy like book an unexpected couple’s trip out of town and surprise your partner with some extra affection.

Use Positive Language

Words can make or break a romance. Negative language fills it with tension while positive language draws two people closer and gives a romance new life. To use positive language, be kind, stay calm and think before you speak. Doing so keeps the lines of communication open and prevents one or both parties from becoming distant.

Dress to Impress

Making the effort to look good means a lot. Many slack once a romance is no longer fresh and new but why wouldn’t you want to catch the eye of the special person in your life? Make the effort to look good for him/her and have fun with all the attention you get.

Embrace Bedroom Creativity

Connecting physically encourages a stronger emotional connection. When sex makes an exit or gets dull, the relationship follows and before you know it, you’re back on the market. To better your sex life, couples first have to make time for it. After that is taken care of, don’t be afraid to try new things. The best way to improve your sex life is having an open and honest conversation with your partner. Create a safe environment in which both parties feel free to share what they would like to try in the bedroom and discuss. After ideas and fantasies are on the table, decide what you are both willing to try and have fun!

Spend Time Apart

Distance does make the heart grow fonder. It isn’t uncommon for couples to get bored with one another simply because they spend too much time together. Get away, spend time with friends, go visit family and practice more independence.

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