Mastering the Art of the Marriage Proposal


Mastering the Art of the Marriage Proposal

Maybe you’ve been with your partner for many years and it’s finally the right time to tie the knot, or you’ve simply known from the beginning that they were the one for you. There comes a point in most of our lives when we come to the decision that we want to get married. Before dreams of the perfect wedding and honeymoon can be made a reality, one very special question must be asked: Will you marry me?

While tradition tells us that proposals should be done by man getting down on one knee, presenting a ring, over the years the art of the marriage proposal has changed, and there are no limits to how a proposal can be done. With that being said, more and more fairy tale proposals are going viral each year, and it can be confusing to know exactly what to do, and where. Choosing the right proposal method is largely dependent on the preferences of your partner. However, there are some basic ideas that can be expanded upon to have the fairy tale engagement of your dreams:

The Romantic Scavenger Hunt

As children, scavenger hunts were a staple of birthday parties and sleepovers alike. If you’re looking to capture the innocence of love while cultivating a nostalgic feel, you may want to consider a romantic scavenger hunt for your proposal. How this is done is entirely up to you, however it should include clues with references to your past together. She (or he) will be charmed by the idea, and when she (or he) finds you waiting at the end with a ring, there’s a good chance you’ll be walking out of that room with a fiancé.

The Nature Proposal

In all reality, what is more beautiful than the ocean on a calm, clear night, or a forest path on a beautiful day? Nature is something each of us can fully enjoy, no matter our backgrounds or preferences. This can make your proposal beautiful and memorable. Take your partner to your favorite outdoor location, potentially one with a significant memory, and surprise them with the proposal during your time outside. This can be at a beach, at a park, or even at a public garden – whatever the location you choose, it’s sure to have them saying “yes” with no hesitation.

The First Date Proposal

Despite what the name suggests, this does not mean propose on the first date; rather, take your partner to the location where you had your very first experience together. It could be a romantic restaurant, a movie theater, or at whatever other location you had your first date together. Whatever the case may be, your partner is sure to appreciate the meaning behind the proposal location, and the nostalgic feel will remind you both of how and why you fell for each other in the first place.

Remember to Have Fun

No matter how you intend to propose it will be a memorable event. When it does happen, make sure you take a breath and take in as much as you can. This is a once in a lifetime event don’t let it pass you by.

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