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Taking a Netflix & Chill Relationship to the Next Level

Taking a Netflix & Chill Relationship to the Next Level

Taking a Netflix & Chill Relationship to the Next Level

So you’ve met that attractive young man/woman who fits what you are looking for right now in life, and it’s not complicated (See: Netflix & Chill). However, as you spend more time with this person you might start developing feelings that go beyond a standard ‘& Chill’ relationship. Now you are in a dilemma, you started this relationship based on a ‘un-complicated’ premise, but alas, things have become complicated. Don’t worry, your not the first or last person this has happened to , it’s life. Take it from a person who has been there before, it is worth ‘feeling-out’ these emotions and see where they lead.

Casually Suggest Activities Besides ‘& Chill’

We all know what happens when you start watching Netflix, so casually suggest an alternative. This does not have to be something earth-shattering or super-romantic, just pick something easy that makes sense for the both of you. For example, if you both enjoy the succulent taste of FroYo (Frozen Yogurt for you sheltered folks), see if they would be interested in grabbing some together. You can start taking these small things and building them into more “traditional” dates.

Some Date Ideas:

  • Visit a Farmers Market/Flee Market – Find some hidden treasures together.
  • Fitness Activities – Go for a walk/run/hike.
  • Keep it Simple: Go for a cup of coffee, or cocktail.

Take it ..SLOW..

Uttering the words “I think I am falling in love with you” in a casual relationship could end things very quickly (please don’t do this). Remember why you started this relationship and remember to build that foundation slowly. If you are going to try and build this into something serious, give it the time and nurturing it will take to get there. Enjoy the time you spend with this person and try to build up that serious relationship organically. You agreed to the ‘& Chill’ relationship and making any changes aren’t going to happen overnight. Remember to breathe, take things slow, and lastly remember why you started this relationship to begin with.

Don’t Force a Relationship

Let’s be frank, this person you are involved with might not want anything serious, and you can’t change that fact. If they have made their intentions clear, and no progress has been made, it might be time for you to move on. Failure to do so might lead you to “Stalker” or “Clinger Stage 4” status, which is never a good place to be. Use your intuition as your guide, if it doesn’t feel right or feels forced, just move on.

Make it Official

If you think things are heading in that blissful direction, it is time for you to make things official. The key now is to be very straight-forward with your Netflix partner and tell them exactly what you are looking for. If that relationship has started going in that direction, this should be a very easy conversation, and congratulations on your significant other! However, don’t be surprised if things don’t go as planned. No matter how much work, effort, sweat, you put into moving this relationship forward, the two of you may not be on the same page. If that is the case, it is time for you to move on and try some more traditional dating methods.

I hope this article has helped you with your ‘& Chill’ relationship, best of luck with whatever you decide

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